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Estes Park, Colorado

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Aviation Internationale is a local organization in Estes Park, Colorado. 

We have no airport but we have a wonderful flying club!  We feature nine programs per year with three special events: Picnic; Holiday Party; and Annual Meeting/Dinner.  Each year we try and sponsor an outing such as a visit to a museum or hike.

The membership has pilots, non-pilots, aviation enthusiasts, historians, and students.  All are invited to attend.

Many of our programs have featured WWII pilots.  We have several members of the organization who flew in that war.

We make a grant to our local high school for their technology program (transportation) each year. 

Our monthly program attendance will vary between 35 - 70 persons.  The meetings are announced on this web site and in the local newspapers.  Members with an e-mail address also received a reminder.


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